Bulletin de presse. № 6
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Bulletin de presse. № 6

Bulletin de presse / VIII-me Congrès mondial du pétrole. Com. d'organisation de l'U. R. S. S., Moscou, ... juin 1971. № 6:. - 1971. - [1], 20 с
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2019-07-27 09:17:00
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Bulletin de presse. № 6
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Егор Петров
Bulletin de presse. № 6. Paris, 1930. S. 321-326, цитата с. 322-327.].
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Bulletin de presse. № 6 20. P. 25-26. 17. Arendt H. The Rise and Fall of Capitalism. — N.Y., 1981. 18. Anderson W.W. Powers of the Market. // Journal of Political Economy. 1957. No 1. P. 5-24. 19. Barthes R. Historical Approach to the Social Status of the Worker. New Haven, 1986; Barthes M. The New Class. A Study in the Problem of Social Progress. London, 1959. 20. Barker J. W., Budge S. G. Trade and the Growth of Industry. Cornell University Press. 1944. 21. Bruch J. Socialism and Economic Reform. McGraw Hill, 1948.
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