Modern trends in gastroenterology : (2d ser.)

Modern trends in gastroenterology : (2d ser.)

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Butterworths medical publications . Modern trends series
Modern trends in gastroenterology : (2d ser.) / Ed. by F. Avery Jones, M. D. ... - London : Butterworth & co., 1958. - X, XX, 416, 23 с., 3 л. ил., 1 л. поясн. текста : ил. - (Butterworths medical publications . Modern trends series). - Библиогр. в конце глав
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Микрофильм (позитив и негатив) . - Библиогр. в конце глав
Другие ответственные лица:
Jones, Francis Avery → Редактор
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2019-10-10 05:03:45
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Dr. Sugarbaker on Current Trends in the Management of Appendiceal Cancer
Paul Sugarbaker, MD, FACS, FRCS, MedStar Washington Hospital Center, speaks on “Current Trends in the Management of Appendiceal Cancer” at the PMP ...
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Modern trends in gastroenterology : (2d ser.)
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Current and Future Clinical Applications of the Microbiome in GI Disease
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